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Talent Rover Integration

  • We support integrations with Talent Rover through our Developer console, we also have a Talent Rover app.
  • Our Developer console also allows us to post candidate data to on registration, profile update and job application.

About Talent Rover

Talent Rover is a comprehensive software platform that modernises the staffing and recruitment industry. Talent Rover was built to address the pain points long suffered by staffing and recruiting professionals. After trying more than a dozen systems – and finding them all lacking – Kent and Brandon, Talent Rovers founders thought that the market was in need of an effective workflow solution. Drawing from more than 30 years of “on the desk” experience, Kent and Brandon designed a new solution from the ground up.

The result: Talent Rover, a fully integrated, cloud-based software solution built on the Salesforce Platform. A unique offering dedicated to staffing and recruiting professionals, Talent Rover enables management of the entire recruitment workflow with tools for sales, recruitment and back office. Through robust analytics and forecasting capabilities, Talent Rover empowers customers to understand their data, make informed decisions, grow their businesses and gain a competitive advantage.

Contact Details

Visit their website at
AS +852 3018 4824


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