Connecting linkedin

Broadbean Integration

  • We support a full integration with Broadbean as a cloud based solution
  • We have built an integration that allows us to pull in all job data and publish onto your website 
  • This seemless integration allows us to quickly connect your jobs with our recruitment website
  • All Registerations get immediately posted back through to your Broadbean account

About Broadbean

Broadbean is a global leading job board posting solution. which integrates with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and your Volcanic website. Broadbean enables you to distribute your job adverts to thousands of job boards and social media channels globally.

Control your recruitment activity and fine tune your advertising spend through our source tracking to improve performance.

Contact Details

Broadbean Technology Ltd 
Level 8, Suite 3 
9 Hunter Street 
NSW 2000

 Telephone: +61 2 9310 6000


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