Connecting linkedin

The Benefits of Integration 

1. Improved Candidate Service

Improving the service you provide to candidates is vital and has the added benefit that they are more likely they are to come back and rave about your excellent customer service. With an integrated solution from Volcanic you have all information about that candidate on hand right when you need it through our integration with your CRM, Don't see your CRM or ATS listed don't worry as part of our service we can build an integration provided this is supported by your CRM provider.

2. Increase Sales

We speed up the process of applications for you, Jobs can be advertised immediately that they are made available though our Job integration service. Once integrated the jobs appear on your site then the candidates can start applying. After a candidate applies we instantly send this data to your CRM/ATS and if the candidate fits you can secure your services before hopefully placing them in their new role and filling that position. No more lost time through candidates being lost or their details being delayed.  

3. Provide a Better Work Environment

There's a common mistake made by businesses that connecting systems mean that you need fewer staff, the truth however is different. If your recruitment consultants are spending their time talking to clients and candidates rather than entering data in different systems or waiting for a support administrator to undertake this, then it makes it easier for them to do their job aloowing them to do more meaningful work and increasing the level of satisfaction they have in their role. 

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