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Elastic Job Seach Capabilities​

Searching for a Job should be easy - with the Volcanic platform, it is. Many of the features working inside our Job Search system are industry standard: things you would expect from any site - the rest are new innovations that drive continual improvement to how we search for Jobs.

  • Each Job Search bar comes with an Advanced Search option - crucial in helping candidates refine their search. 
  • Location-based search thanks to GPS-tracking via Mobile also helps refine a candidate’s search, making you more relevant.
  • Extra innovations such as a Job Search Autocorrect function speed up the process and help you stand out as a modern-day recruiter.
  • The ability to create custom categories ensures that you can direct your candidates to the specialist roles you need to highlight
  • Other features such autofill or job counts make a job search easier and more compelling for the candidate 

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