Connecting linkedin

Faster Job Search

Similar to Google, you can have auto-complete keywords as you search for jobs.  This provides some key advantages for candidates searching for a job:

  1. Speed - candidates only have to partially type the job titles they are interested in.
  2. Accuracy - the list of auto-suggestions is calculated from your live vacancies.  If the job is suggested, then the job exists on your website.
  3. Frustration Free - Candidates are more likely to find a job, rather than be faced with the dreaded 'no results' page.

Faster Location Search

The location search on your website is also enriched with auto-complete capability.  This is slighly different to the job keyword auto-suggestion:

  1. Locations are suggested by Google Maps
  2. Similar locations are identified with county names, to avoid searching for the wrong location
  3. Miss-spellings are handled by Google, so users don't have to get it right first time.