Connecting linkedin

Types of Credit

There are 3 types of credit. One is for job posting, and the other 2 are used for CV searching. Credits are bought in advance, and are consumed when you perform the action they are associated with.

Job Credits

Job Posting Credits are spent to post a job. One job credit allows you to post one job. If you do not have any Job Credits, then you cannot post jobs, you cannot even fill out the details for a job. 

If you have Job Credits, once you have filled out the details for the job you wish to post, you can click the Post Job button. This will automatically deduct a credit and create the job posting. The job will be live on the site for the time specified.

CV Credits (for sites using pay per CV)

CV credits allow you to view the details of potential candidates found through the CV Search. You are able to access the search results without any credits, but you will be unable to view detailed information or downlaod their CV until you spend a CV credit to unlock the candidate. The website will notify you when you are about to spend a credit to unlock a candidate. Unlocked candidates are permanently unlocked for all users that belong to your company, e.g. Bill works for Bloggs Jobs, and he unlocks Candidate A. Jess also works for Bloggs Jobs, and if she now found Candidate A in her search she would be able to view the details without spending another credit.

Candidates who apply directly to one of your jobs are automatically unlocked for you.

CV Time Access (for sites using time restricted CV search)

Instead of paying per candidate, some sites offer a system where you pay to unlock the CV search for a certain number of days, and in that time you have unlimited access to the candidates. If this system is being used then you need to buy access time before you can use the search feature. 

When you buy access time, it starts counting down immediately. If you were to buy 7 days access, it would be 7 days from the moment the transaction is completed. After this time you need to buy more access to see any new candidates who have registered.


This section will be finished when developement is complete and the interface is finalised.