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Job Posting Integration Guide

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Job Posting Integration Guide

Recruitment Websites

The Volcanic platform allows 3rd party Job posting services to post Jobs to individual websites.

POSTing Jobs to the platform can be done using the Job Create API endpoint found here:

The end-point URL for the POST and the API Key will be unique for each website and these will be provided by Volcanic when the integration is requested.

Jobs on the Volcanic platform require a valid Job Type reference and Discipline reference. These references can be retrieved from their respective API endpoints:

Some Recruitment websites may also use the Key Locations feature to locate each Job. In this case, the Key Location references can be retrieved from the following API endpoint:

It is recommended that the Job form in the 3rd party service dynamically retrieves or frequently caches the Job Types, Disciplines, and if neccessary the Key Locations, since these can be edited or added to at any time.

Job Boards

As well as the need to include the data described above, additional data is needed when the 3rd party Job posting service is posting to a Job Board on the Volcanic platform.

A User Token also needs to be POSTed with the Job data. This User Token is unique per Employer and needs to be collected by the 3rd party service when the integration is set-up so that it can be used for each Job POST. The Employer can retrieve their User Token from their account on the Job Board.

Jobs listed on Job Boards also require valid Job Function references (if Job Functions are available) which can be retrieved from the Job Function endpoint: