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by Alison Owen Thursday, 10 January 2019
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​The new reality of the 4th industrial revolution is that digital change will cause disruption throughout every business. A new way of thinking and a new board level skill set will be needed to drive this change.

And the pace of change is fast. Writing in TLNT, globally recognised thinker on people analytics and talent management, David Creelman, said: “A technology that was almost unimaginable a few years ago can quickly become universal and cheap. This will keep happening so buckle up.”

Enter the chief technology officer. Well versed in the latest tech and perfectly placed to step up to the C-suite, the CTO’s role will expand to include a team of cybersecurity experts - a new generation of so-called ‘threat-hunters’ - who will be responsible for preventative strategy and crisis management.


The cyber threat is real

According to Gartner, by the end of 2019 the cost of data breaches will rise to $2 trillion and, by 2020, 25 percent of attacks on enterprise will involve internet-connected devices. Vulnerable connected devices can be exploited by hackers to infiltrate an enterprise network and to extract data.

Creating intelligent networks along the value chain that are able to control one another autonomously and provide valuable data is adding value in the recruitment industry. But new and innovative technology inevitably brings with it particular challenges and risks. The connected technology driving Industry 4.0 also carries new operational risks in the form of cyber threats and attacks - risks that suppliers like Volcanic are well placed to guard against.

With data breaches regularly hitting the headlines since consumer rights were tightened under our new data protection laws, all businesses are more than aware of their obligations. When the only thing that separates your organisation from the dangerous cyber threat landscape is an effective IT security strategy, the first line of defence falls to the CTO.

Connecting recruitment

It will come as no surprise to recruiters that the success of their business will depend on its people’s skills and knowledge. Recruitment agencies that embrace technology and automation, use the skills of their IT team, and keep up to date with the latest technology are set for success in this new climate.

To read our full whitepaper looking at the role of the CTO in the recruitment industry, click here.

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