Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid Thursday, 17 May 2018
Volcanic   Client Service Expansion In Anz

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​With the expansion of Volcanic's client services channel, Jordan Betteridge introduces newest member of the team down under.


"I'm extremely excited for what's ahead for Volcanic in Australia and New Zealand. With a huge influx of new clients and sites going live, it brings me great pleasure to introduce a dedicated task force that will focus solely on the performance and growth of each our clients to ensure their sites stand out, optimise their SEO and access our world leading recruitment website CMS."


Estely Berticelli (Stel) joined the team two months ago as the region's Client Services Manager. We caught up with Stel to hear her thoughts...

What led you to Volcanic?

"My professional journey began in Australia when I joined a tech startup; an online platform that matched people with jobs Australia-wide. From there I was fortunate to be able to broaden my knowledge and moved into digital marketing where I looked after the SEO of SMB clients, helping them to optimise their websites. Volcanic links both of these worlds and ultimately allows me to put my skills to good use."


What excites you most about your role?

"I am proud and I feel extremely lucky to be advocating and representing a service that truly cares about its client's brands and digital strategy needs; it's never a dull day!"


What are your objectives for Volcanic's clients and the market overall?

"We are here to see our clients' businesses grow by providing them with new websites, great SEO, a great CMS to manage their content and a better user experience for their clients as well as candidates and future consultants to grow their teams. To see our clients improve daily is what makes me happy to come to work every morning! Our model allows our clients to improve their sites consistently and it's included in their fee, I LOVE IT!"


For more information about Volcanic's offer please contact us for a demo and a chat. 

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