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Volcanic to attend Recruitment International awards

Recruitment International

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Our client services director, Jordan Betteridge will be presenting an award at the Recruitment International awards next Wednesday 18th April. These prestigious awards attract recruitment professionals from all over the country and recognise both innovation, creativity and best practice in the Australian recruitment industry. 

Jordan explains, "We're now seeing the technology solutions that are changing the way we live moving into the business environment. Just as Netflix and Spotify have changed the way we consume TV and music, software as a service platforms like Xero and Canva are making state of the art technology accessible to all businesses. And recruitment technology is the same - Volcanic's subscription based model offers recruitment websites and job boards with no contract tie-ins, no upfront investment and a simple monthly fee."

The Recruitment International awards take place on Wednesday 18th April at the Ivy Ballroom.

For tips on how to win a recruitment award, download our free guide.

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