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KOS International launch new recruitment website

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We are proud to announce that the new KOS International website has gone live on the Volcanic platform.

KOS are a reputable HR services provider in Hong Kong, providing high quality recruitment services and HR outsourcing services to their clients from diversified industries. They generally recruit for positions at all levels, including administrative, executive, managerial and professional. KOS also provide HR outsourcing, payroll and other administration services.

After our initial design discussions, KOS informed us they were looking for a major freshen up of their website, which was previously utilising a dark grey background style theme with white font. Dark backgrounds aren't popular in website design nowadays due to the contrasts being difficult on the eye and the brand colour limitations. We resolved this issue by delivering a brighter design, with dark grey fonts, and employing their brand colours as featured/highlight effects throughout the site. 

Our design combines a mix of circles and curved edges to display content. We used cityscape images of Hong Kong which gave the homepage header that wow feel. Words don't do it much justice, it's best if you go and check it out. And why not apply for a job while you're there? KOS tell us the market is thriving in Hong Kong right now, and they're right at the forefront of it with their new website.

Thank you to everyone at KOS International for choosing Volcanic to create your Recruitment website. Candidates and Clients of Hong Kong, can now experience Better People Technology.


Are you a recruiter interested in the latest recruitment technologies? Volcanic can help. To learn more get in contact with us.

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