Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid Thursday, 8 February 2018
How Saa S Technology Can Save You Time

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​Accessible state-of-the-art recruitment technology

Australian businesses are discovering the huge advantages that the SaaS (software as a service) model can bring. These are particularly evident in the small to medium sectors, where technology is a huge catalyst to growth. SaaS models like Netflix and Spotify are changing our leisure habits, and Workfast, the Uber-like on demand recruitment platform, drives the message on how technology is shaping the future of recruitment.

The way these services are paid for is also impacting the business environment. Through simple pay-as-you-go or subscription models like those used by accounting software Xero and the graphic design package Canva, that require no upfront capex costs, businesses of all sizes can compete using the same technology.

A capex-free website

And websites should be no different. The investment required for a recruitment agency’s key digital asset - its website - can be a barrier to growth or even in starting a new business. So this is what makes SaaS model so attractive - the low capital investment needed upfront, the peace of mind brought about by its compliance and security handled by the provider, and the short contractual tie-ins, allowing a straightforward exit if required. All this means that agencies of all sized can access a risk-free technology platform that flexes to accommodate business growth and delivers the innovation needed to respond to the rapidly changing recruitment sector.

Technology for startups

What we’ve seen in the recruitment sector is a huge shift towards startups - people who have been successful in big corporates are either setting up on their own or moving to partnership in small businesses. Product growth in the Gig-oriented recruitment sector is driven by the need for flexibility and modular solutions, backed by state-of-the-art technology.  And because in Australia the Gig economy, characterised by short-term employment contracts, is growing at exceptional speed, with casual workers now representing a fifth of Australia's workforce, recruiters need to take notice.

Website providers need to drive innovation in the sector, by making products that are attainable for a small company, as well as flexible enough to fit the need of the new lifestyle businesses that are emerging - all while delivering on the product and technical quality that this next generation of Australian entrepreneurs has grown to expect.

No contract tie-ins

Removing barriers to entry is key for a small business and recruitment agencies would be well advised to be sure that they can be released quickly from any contract and can change provider easily if necessary.  

Long term contract tie-ins and high upfront investments are often unmanageable for small businesses in any sector - and recruitment is no exception. Signing a long-term agreement, especially in the fast changing digital environment, means agencies may be saddled with legacy systems that can bring problems and risk.

Against this backdrop, it’s clear why forward-thinking Australian businesses are turning to SaaS models as a driver of success.


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