Jordan Betteridge
by Jordan Betteridge Tuesday, 27 February 2018
How Saa S Technology Can Save You Time

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​Technology enables business automation in the Australian recruitment industry


The Australian recruitment sector is changing rapidly, driven by technology and the adoption of automation as a business enabler.


Recruitment firms are fast realising that the effective use of the right technology for their business can be the make or break factor in their survival. IT software is predicted to be the fastest growing segment of the Australian economy, and technology that allows organisations to run their systems in the cloud will be the driving force of a rise in Australian technology spending, set to reach $84.8 billion in 2018. According to projections from global technology research firm Gartner, Australian tech spending will rise 2.6 percent next year.


Before investing in new tech, we’d advise you to do your research. Investing in an expensive piece of technology, such as a new website, CRM or applicant tracking system (ATS), especially if a large upfront investment is required or if it’s built in-house, can be costly, plus, with the rate of innovation in technology, your investment may become redundant very quickly.


Plus, make sure that when you procure new technology, you can be released quickly from any contract you sign and can change provider easily if you should choose to. Long term contract tie-ins and high upfront investments can be difficult to manage and particularly in the technology sector can cause legacy issues.


Adding bolt-on options is where a flexible system really comes into its own and this degree of customisation is a powerful differentiator for recruitment agencies to deliver a unique offer.


Look for a platform that allows you to launch a website that seamlessly connects with internal software, such as your CRM system, to bring true automation, and therefore value, to your business.


Five key questions to ask

  1. Integration: to automate your business effectively and deliver true return on investment, integration with your website and email system is key. Your software integration must function as part of your larger software ecosystem.

  2. User interface: make sure your user interface (UI) is intuitive and easy-to-use, featuring drop down menu navigation and automated data sourcing that requires little manual input.

  3. Job posting: newly created jobs should be posted automatically and feed candidate data directly from the page into your ATS.

  4. Social sharing: to support your marketing drive, social buttons should be integrated to let you share postings quickly and easily.

  5. Reporting: auto-generated reports are vital to monitor performance efficiently, removing manual reporting systems.


Key to success in automating your business is integration. End-to-end systems that can integrate technology across your business will be instrumental in driving your future efficiency, productivity and success.


Contact us for more information on how SaaS can boost your business.

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