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Online Recruitment Marketing

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I was undertaking some research as I like to do on the merits and activities undertaken when Online Recruitment Marketing.

I wanted to find out if their was an article or case study I could read that highlighted the benefits of this activity so consider my surprise, when I uncovered the Online Recruitment Marketing Council.  This body must surely provide advice and guidance or even a white paper that I could download, after all, their stated aims are to 'Raise awareness of how using the internet and social media can add-value to the employment process for employers and candidates'.  So consider my disappointment when I failed to find a single reference about what and how online recruitment marketing can help?

So my search continued, and I got very excited about a piece of work that a US based company Careerxroads are doing in comparing the source of candidate hires. Over the last three years they have conducted research into how candidates are finding their jobs. The figures are interesting: -

Companies found their staff:

  1. Referrals 19%
  2. Website 19%
  3. Job Boards 15%
  4. Direct Source 12%
  5. Colleges & universities 9%
  6. Other sources 26%

However the job Board market still accounted for over 50% of the advertising spend and in the US was made across the following sites:

  1. Indeed  31.2%
  2. LinkedIn  20.1%
  3. CareerBuilder  13.2%
  4. Niche Boards  35.6 %

So the good news is that the recruitment market is still very active, that 15% of the direct hires were as a result of job board marketing and that the use of niche job boards is increasing.

So when considering online recruitment marketing these were the conclusions:

  • A website is vital with almost 19% of candidates being attracted this way
  • Direct Referralls remain the best way to find candidates also 19%
  • Advertising on Job Boards is 15 % with Indeed being the market leader
  • Direct Headhunting is 12% with LinkedIn & social playing a major part
  • Advertising at Colleges and Universities account for 9% of candidates
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