Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid 20 November 2017

Seven easy ways to benchmark SEO performance

Monitoring results and fine-tuning your SEO strategy is critical for its success

This is particularly true in the face of the constantly changing and ever more sophisticated algorithms that govern search rankings. 

No SEO campaign will deliver results overnight. Think in the long term and start to monitor your SEO success over months rather than weeks.  Our reference guide gives you some of the key metrics - other than candidate conversion - that you should capture, analyse and feedback on your strategy.

Look at your organic traffic

The best place to start is to look at your organic traffic - which means visitors that have landed on your recruitment website without actually typing in the URL. Visitor engagement is also a key metric as it shows the depth to which a user goes, usually measured by the number of pages viewed and which pages they visit.

Improvements to your content quickly become obvious - if a case study or a whitepaper on a particular subject are particularly popular, continue the theme or, on the flip side, if a content piece or web page are getting no views, ask yourself why.

Is your content relevant and accessible?

Time on site is another good metric to monitor as an indicator of engagement - and a good way to judge whether you’re hitting the mark in having relevant and accessible content that your visitors want to read. And don’t forget to look at your traffic from social media - often a great source of candidate traffic.

For more tips on best practice, download our free presentation: Seven ways to benchmark SEO performance.

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