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Recruitment Evolution not Revolution

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Recruitment has always been about evolution, not revolution, with small changes in processes or people or legal changes introduced through consultation rather than the forced change that revolution brings.

So when I'm asked about the future of the recruitment industry, in particularly with regards the effect technology has, I can see that the technology will evolve but there's no chance of a major forced change or of something hitting the market which affects all recruiters immediately or equally however at the same time I can see forced change coming.

Great leaders embrace change, they look at it and react, they can use technology to create a market advantage but today it is no longer an expensive cumbersome process; we all have the ability to hire great technology rather than commission and build bespoke systems through the evolution of the cloud-based platform.

So what changes are coming for recruitment, particularly technology led : -

  • Clients will self service more - LinkedIn & Indeed have already shown that employers can search and advertise for candidates easier, more services will become available
  • Candidate search will become easier thus allowing clients to find candidates - CV library
  • Relationships will become more important than ever, so tools will be released that allow those relationships to be understood in more detail across many more channels and allow engagement to be easier
  • The growth in the super niche recruiters which will have support from super niche job portals & publishing
  • The growth of the global candidate base - more candidates will cross borders thus recruiters will need experts in the overseas candidate attraction. We also see the loosening of restrictions in movement, technology will make it easier for candidates to apply.
  • Training - the growth of online training will continue and the super niche recruiter will be expected to have access or provide this training.

Our view is that the market will change gradually however the technical tools available will grow and those that embrace these and adapt early will benefit from a growth in income.

For more information about what's up and coming to the industry and what we are doing about it here at Volcanic, get in touch.

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