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Let Volcanic Australia take care of your SEO basics

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Let Volcanic Australia take care of your SEO basics

SEO is critical to any recruitment website and as you all know can be an endless battle for rankings. Luckily, at Volcanic we have just released a new SEO Console tool which helps our clients identify any risk areas in their sites and ensures these are monitored on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry and can focus on quality content and job posting.

SEO allows your Recruitment website to attract your target audience to your page in hopes of gaining applications through your jobs. After you have written great content for your users you need to ensure the following is checked off:

  • Meta Titles - Though Meta titles don't have a direct influence on your ranking, they are used by search engines and social media platforms to display your pages title - here's a tip, make sure each page is unique and remember if it confusing to search engines and going to confusing for your users.

  • Meta Descriptions - Though Meta descriptions don't have a direct influence on your ranking, they are used to display your pages description in the search results so that the user can get a quick snapshot of what's on your page before making a decision, it really needs to be relevant.

  • H1 Titles - Whilst less important that <title> tags, H1 headings still help define your pages topic for search engines and users, you may be penalised if these are missing in some cases.

  • Body Content - The amount of text placed on your web page is a quality signal for search engines. Search engines prefer to give more information 100% of the time, so if you have less than 200 words on your page content without any relevant search terms in the content, you are less likely to perform above others that do and have gone the extra mile to be more informative.

  • Language Declared - If you don't declare your web pages content language, it may be completely unrecognisable to search engines and thus removing you from any rankings.

  • Broken Links - it's unfortunate but we see this a lot. When a link is broken on your site, it usually sends the user to an error page, that's not very helpful is it, if the link is meant to go somewhere, it is critical that it lands somewhere relevant to the links initial prompt otherwise the user can deem this as useless and drop off the site.

Let the Volcanic Australia platform take care of all the nerdy stuff for you.

For an obligation, free demonstration of the Volcanic Platform and its revolutionary SEO console, call us on +61 436 333 077


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