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Why you can't afford to use Wordpress even a plugin!

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Wordpress powers over 23% of the worlds websites, thats an amazing 10 million website - a significant statistic. So you would think that it has proven capability, is robust and would meet the needs of every business but you'd be wrong.

The dangers with using wordpress is security and in recruitment that actually means personal data something every recruiter should be taking seriously.  The big problem with security on Wordpress is that there are currently listed a total of 222 security vunerabilities and how do you know you are secure.

We at Volcanic looked into Wordpress but we soon realised that are two major problems with the system for recruiters, It's not a true recruitment platform so data transfer is troublesome and embedding it into our platform would introduce security issues. It would also mean our customers would have to learn two systems to manage one site and that makes no sense.

So our solution was simple, build a blogging capability into our system, ensure it's fully secure through penetration testing and PCi compliance and make sure the company managing the system are secure and work to ISO standards like ISO9001 and ISO28000.

So what are the risks for recruiters using Wordress even as an plugin.

- Wordpress is designed for blogging but has lots of other plugins that can cause security weaknesses. 

- The problems with these plugins are that they can go out of date and therefore be no longer supported even if the company manging them on your behalf are still trading

Whilst we at Volcanic like the way that wordpress has allowed more people to launch their own website quickly and easily, we would recomend recruiters avoid the risks and do not be convinced by other vendors of the benefits but if you do give it a try check the security credentials of the vendor.

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