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Why Digital Marketing Is NOT just Marketing in a digital space

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I recently read one of the worst articles ever composed with the title of 'Why Digital Marketing is just marketing in a digital space' . The facts actually couldn't be further from the truth.

Whilst there are many things that marketing shares across every communication channel, in the digital space there are some very specific differences and major dangers that if you ignore can have very bad consequences.

Digital Everything - No matter what marketing you do, it is envitable that this will land in the digital space it may not be the starting point of your communications but if you do your marketing well or badly it will end up in a digital form. 

There are literally thousands of examples of planned communications that have ended up in the digital space by accident, oh by the way there are over 120+ channels to manage that can both benefit or damage your company.​

Be Warned: -

  • If you upset someone on the phone expect complaints about your company and you as an individual to land on a social network. 
  • If you upset a staff member - Glassdoor is the perfect revenge but also remember that doing your own reviews that tell the world your great is as bad as a bad review. 
  • If you send a letter or produce some physical marketing collateral leaflets, newspaper ads, bill boards etc - these are often converted by someone into a digital form and shared, images on snapchat or facebook etc
  • Videos - end up on youtube or vimeo. 
  • A presentation in front of an audience can end up being broadcast live on periscope or recorded, edited and posted virtually anywhere
  • Customer complaints - welcome to the digital world - it's never been as easy to moan.

 The one thing I can say for certain is that digital marketing is no longer just marketing in a digital space. But with the downsides understood, there are huge digital marketing benefits that also only exist in a digital space and which have now developed their own marketing approaches.

  • Big Digital Data opens up specialised digital marketing opportunities that never existed before digital
  • Personalisation of messages was not practical before digital
  • Real world insight - how many times have you been told that the price is too high or that your customer has no money - guess again digital tells you the truth in real time.
  • Imagine a competitor was so low as to try to call your product or service and claim you don't provide that service (Low Life's) digital immediately resolves this by showing the facts about a product and letting customers liaise.

One thing is certain though, there more work needed when marketing a recruitment business but it also never been easier to find, configure a tool that will do it for you. 

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