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Investors In People Accredited

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Volcanic belive in investing in their team and so are delighted to announce that today we have been awarded the Investors In People standard accreditation.

The Investors in People Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation’s performance through its people. An international quality standard, the Investors in People Standard sets a level of good practice for improving a company’s productivity by maximising the potential of its people. The standard is applied throughout our organisation including our team in Australia.

 Volcanics' co-founder Rob Wilde stated

"We felt that as a company working in the recruitment sector that we needed to demonstrate the importance of our team and our commitment to both training them and recognising their achievements.

Using the framework enabled us to look at every process in the business and improve all aspects of the teams activities, it  also brought us closer together as a team ."

If you are considering undertaking this activity for your own company, we at Volcanic found the process healthy, constructive and would recommend companies to follow the framework as it will lead to a better working 

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