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Volcanic is a great business.  It was originally founded for the right reasons; people doing what they love, which in our case is technology.

We believe that technology can make a business better.  It’s a catalyst. Used well, it can accelerate your business and allow you to charge ahead.

So what makes us great?

People + Product + Timing

Dogged focus on getting the 3 things above right is our secret.

Our team is based all over the world (UK, Sydney, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Vancouver ).  We have a company culture with remote working conditions which allow us to really work as a team, whilst providing a truly 24-hour working team .  We share our workload & frequently help each other out to make sure deadlines are met. 

We use standards and process to help us all work in harmony and pay special detail to our quality by operating to ISO 9001. 

You may hear us using the phrase ‘clarify and contract’ quite a lot.  It’s our way of making sure we know exactly what you want.  We’ve found that it’s very easy to deliver great recruitment websites when everyone’s in agreement.

So other things you may need to know about us, we are privately funded have a credit rating that is among the best in our sector, we have recently joined the London Stock Exchange Elite program which is designed to help us list on an international stock exchange. 

Our technology is world leading and our pricing model is designed to make both parties happy.